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About Me

Hi there. I'm DJ Urbanovsky. I'm the owner of American Kami, established in 2004. So what's in a name? What's the story behind "American Kami"? That's simple, really. A Kami is a Nepali knife maker. More specifically, they make Khukuris - these guys make knives from start to finish with the most rudimentary of tools, and end up with highly refined blades. I take that idea of simplicity and apply some modern equipment and techniques to create the best products that I possibly can. I've adopted the "Kami" in American Kami because I have the utmost respect for these gentlemen, because handmade Nepali Khukuris were what first introduced me to the world of custom, handcrafted blades, and because like the Kamis, I build my blades to be used. I've adopted the "American" in American Kami because, well, that's what I am. That's it.

Steel types for Professional Grade blades:  CPM S35VN, S7, 6AL4V Ti.

Finish for Professional Grade blades:  Ionbond DLC coatings.

Handle materials:  G10.

Sheaths:  Kydex.

Heat treat:  Oil hardening steels are all done by me in-house.  Air hardening steels are done by Peters Heat Treating.

I build blades for people who use blades.  My products are in use around the globe under some of the harshest possible conditions.  All of my products are 100% USA made, and always have been. 

Currently my full custom books are closed, and I am not performing any sharpening, repair, or custom work.  Sharpening and repair work is currently limited to knives that I have made.   I do not do “spa” treatments.  If you see it on my website, I can do it.

Boker produces licensed, mass produced versions of some of my designs at a more affordable price point for people who maybe cannot afford a knife that actually came out of my shop.  I have some other projects in the works with other production houses.  More details on those as they are available.

Price range for Professional Grade blades:  $115 -  $2000 per unit depending on model.  Books are open.

Full custom books are currently closed.

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