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Anton Yelistratov (AntonE)

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About Me

I was making designer’s knives when I studied in a training school, as soon as I got access to the machine tool stations on the plant where I was in training. I make any knives, often with integrated bolsters, I prefer making kitchen ones (fillet, boning ones, etc.), I make folding knives and can also suggest blades and forgings of my own making.

I forge from kh12mf-sh, k110, shkh15. I use all existing powder steel for making non-forged blades. During forging I pay attention to temperature conditions and work at low temperature to fully disclose all qualities of the steel. I also harden steel in a tough mode to use all its’ potential, and exclude possible defects (microcracks appearing in the steel yet not being visible).

I also do artistic forging, though now I don’t have enough time for it. 

p.s. I do not make cold arms!

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