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Denis "DS Knives"

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About Me

Greetings to all. In short, I’ve always been a creative person so to speak, a musician, I’ve been engaged in custom car projects and sound engineering; I like to work by my hands.

From my childhood I remember that all the knives were made by hand by my grandfather, there are a lot of them still exist and the foldable one is still kept as the Holy Grail. I see that as a family feature. At first I became interested in handmade knives by my friend knives maker, then I began to help him and he began to tell me about this subject so I’ve been attracted to the thing. I learn, I do my best, even if some current knife is a simple job I put my soul into it. As the result here is such a hobby, my main profession is far from making knives. I feel indescribable euphoria when I manage to create a beautiful and neat work; it warms the heart and soul). Usually I make knives for camping, fishing and kitchen knives. Cold steel is excluded, of course. I often do a projects which are interesting to me in the first place, and the owner is to be found afterwards, I can work by order if it is interesting to me and my skills at the moment allow me to make it, because I'm not a pro, but a novice. May peace be with you all!

p.s. I do not make cold arms!

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