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About Me

My name is Dobrin Evgeny Yurevich. I use composition of U8A+12KHN3A for making working knives from «wild» damascus steel, I make 3 000 layers as a standard, cutting edge hardness after heat treatment is 56...58 HRC, the same composition I use for cutting edge of mosaic knives. For long-length knives I use the composition of U8A+60S2+12KHN3A, hardness after heat treatment is 52...54 HRC. For mosaic I use 65G and nickel in addition to the ones mentioned above.

In 1988 I graduated from Lipetsk Polytechnical Institute, worked as a constructor in a design institute.
In 1996 I started to work as an iron forger in the area of art forging and author's cold steel.
I developed and implemented an original technique of «wild» damascus steel welding into thousands of layers.
I professionally make artistic arms since 2009, a member of the masters-armourers guild since 2011.
Bronze medalist of the Russian Championship in rope cut (June 2012) in the category of "Damascus steel".
Several times I led graduation works in the forging department of Lipetsk State Technical University on the subject of "Damascus steel".
I participated in many Russian exhibitions.

  • Мурат Гагкоев
    01 июня 2022
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