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Evgeniy Verbnyak

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About Me

I’m interested in knives since my childhood, I tried to make something weird not having any skills and instruments. At the age of 19 I joined a jewelry company as a trainee, then I became a jeweler. I worked there three years, and then the company was closed. In some time, 2009 I started making knives and learning how to forge iron for them. In around two months my master died having had taught me basics, and I continued to learn myself. The Internet and my jeweler skills helped me to learn. I make both – knives and custom-made handles.  

p.s. I do not make cold arms!

  • Сергей Федичкин
    11 октября 2016
    Приобретал у Евгения четыре ножа,два себе,два для друзей. Очень доволен!! Очень добротно все сделано. Да и цены божеские.
  • Андрей
    28 сентября 2016
    Летом этого года, Евгений делал на мой клинок рукоятку. Работа отличная, все мои прихоти были учтены :) Пересылы были почтой.