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"Kuznica Severa" ("North Smithy")

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About Me

I am Vladislav Luzhetsky. I am the founder and chief workmaster of “Kuznitsy Severa”. I am a member of the Russian Union of Blacksmith. Our capacity is available for forged, wooden and leather products; sometimes we can also provide blades for further decoration.

We also produce a range of forged products of different complexity. Home decoration, souvenirs, gifts.

We combine different materials: wood, stone, leather.


Basic steel types for knife blades are U10a, KhVG, KH12M, KH12MF, U7. Normally I use domestic rolled steel. I work only with bar sections, don’t reforge carriage springs or other things like this. I use many types of wood for handles depending on the purpose, artistic design and client’s fancy. I positively do not smoke wood with stain, use only oil. Quality sheath from vegetable tanned leather, I use professional expensive dyes and top coats. A complete process from forging to sewing sheath. I forge blades under specific conditions allowing to fully open up good qualities of steel for a particular purpose.


Prices start at RUR 1500, knives from RUR 4500, ready blades from RUR 2500.


I can also assist you in buying steel. We plan to start making grinders in the future.        

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