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Andrey Nozhevsky

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About Me

I make fixed knives, prefer through fastening with screw/clench, also make and respect full tangs. I don’t like stick tang – I don’t think it’s reliable. I focus on quality, work comfort and maximum durability, reliability of a knife. So I make good reliable trade knives. I make a blade with benchwork, I rarely forge, only if I can’t manage the work without it. I heat treat myself. I learn how to heat treat, I have special equipment and can get a consultation as for the modes, that’s why my heat treatment is fine and high quality, I consider steel special characteristics and assignment of a knife. I can also choose steel from what I have for your special needs. My heat treatment is aimed at giving a blade maximum durability (thoughtful drawing-back, local drawing-back, special form of a blade).  

p.s. I do not make cold arms!

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