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Workshop "Ash Furnace"

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About Me

My name is Maxim Ogneruk. I prefer to make Orcs knives, hatchets, meat choppers, and other knives of the kind. This is my workshop “Ashy Smithy” individual style. I forge, heat treat and do benchwork myself. 

To make handles I use any woods bought in the Internet and suitable for handles, ax handles (hard and veiny species: Sapelli, ashwood, nutwood, oak, beechwood, rosewood, pearwood, fruit trees, etc.). Preservation treatment: wood stain, oils, polishes, wax, burning. I don’t make sheaths PRESENTLY, soon I plan to master this craft.

In my workshop I almost don’t have same knives – they are not many, and they are production ones. Each knife is individual. I master new forms, steels, production methods, including making axes, hatchets, carpenter’s tool, scythes (to cut grass) and other customized gears and domestic tools. I also make blades, construction sets for at-home assembly of a knife (which is cheaper); soon I plan to master making military armor, leather sheaths.

“Ashy Smithy” is the main and general gunsmith for orks, who continue to arm, as war is coming! :)

p.s. I do not make cold arms!

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