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About Me

First there was the desire to make a knife, more specifically to have a certain knife (“plastun”). But when I began to study the topic, I understood that it was not what I wanted to have... the quality and the materials were poor so it would be wrong to give 5-6 thousand rubles for that. So I decided to make the knife, I studied the subject and then I ran against stabilized wood and.... Now I do wood stabilization only from blanks for jewelry to blanks for house ware.

I stabilize by "Buravid" in vacuum and under high pressure. I use the best blanks of various sorts of wood: top-class maple burl, Karelian birch, birch burl, stone birch burl, Erman's birch suvel’, Japanese and mountain elm burl, Far-Eastern oak burl, natural fuming oak, hornbeam. there is a stabilized mammoth tooth also

  • TRU
    05 марта 2017
    Great deal and excellent material. I highly recommend. TRU