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Stas Strugunov (Stas Haman)

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About Me

Hello, I’m Stas, my nickname is Haman (my nickname in forums is StasHam), I was born in a small town in 1987, and I’m an electronic engineer. Like other craftsmen I like knives since my childhood, I always had jack knives in my pocket. I made my first knife in summer 2014 for myself, then I decided to make something better, as little by little I learnt about new manufacturing methods. While practicing in matching materials I spent long evenings looking for information on decorative etching, so I made my forth knife autumn-style with two-layer etching, then I made a grinder, and here we go.  

From the very beginning I made only those knives which I would like to have in my own collection. It’s my hobby, I spend money made on selling my knives to buy materials for a new thing. Photography became my second hobby along with knives making. Presently my knives are recognizable; I’ve developed my own style. I always desire to make my products more complicated and beautiful, so that you can take it not only when you go fishing or hunting but also decorate your interior. I don’t copy my works.  

p.s. I do not make cold arms!

  • Jeff Kessler
    31 августа 2020
    My in-laws in Orenburg Russia and they ordered a custom knife made by Stas Strugunov. It was shipped in Minnesota USA as a birthday gift. The knife is truly exceptional. It is very high quality and well balanced. It is now my favorite knife, a real custom piece of functional art. Thank you Stas! Keep making these awesome knives!