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About Project

Knife & Craft mission is to search for knifemakers and other craftsmen in any village, town, city, in any spot around the world, without site registration. Thanks to the project you can quickly find the kit and accessories for a knife, materials for art and craft or an experienced craftsman capable of making a unique hand made piece of art – knives and other items made of leather, wood or metal.

To the Fans of Knives and Unique Things 

In any place there are talended but unknown craftsmen, including knifemakers. We have gathered them together, both amateurs, and pros, in one single place. Here a knife fan can easlily get a master who will be able to make an individual customized  knife or blade. Connoisseurs  can find a specialist capable of making a unique hand-made souvenir, for it is hand-made that is so valued in the world. Such exclusive presents, jewelry made of leather, wood or metal are unlikely to be found anywhere else. 


To the Knifemakers and Other Crafstmen

Thanks to our project you and your makings will be exhibited and appraised. They may find their owners not only within our country, but beyond our borders as well. Besides, in this site you can find materials, accessories and equipment for your own workshop. Freshmen can find everything for knife making. Here you can meet collegues for sharing ideas and experience, others can find coaches and disciples. 

For knifemakers and craftmen 

Напишите нам на ящик info@knifeandcraft.com, указав свой город проживания и немного о себе. А также фотографии ваших работ,  дипломов или заполните форму. Если мастер долго не отвечает, сообщите нам.