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О себе


- Carbon Steel Hunters from $300; Damascus Steel Hunters from $500;

- Carbon Steel Bowies from $800; Damascus Steel Bowies from $1,200;

- Stainless Steel Folders from $300; Damascus Steel Folders from $600;

- Daggers from $1,500;

- Swords from $3,000.


My knife making journey began in 2008 when I attended the American Bladesmith Society (ABS) Smoky Mountain Hammer-In at the Haywood Community College (HCC). I had read several books on forging knives during my daily train commute into the District, but back then I believed that investing my energies into building a forge would be overwhelming - due to the little leisure time I had. But after moving to rural North Carolina, participating in a local Hammer-In, and finally forging my first working knife, I was ready to begin the journey.

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