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Игорь "OLEINIKOV custom knives"

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О себе

Меня зовут Игорь Олейников. По профессии экономист. Ножами начал заниматься с 2014 года, заинтересовался посмотрев видео на ютубе, начинал с фиксед ножей, в настоящее время специализируюсь и развиваюсь по фолдерам.

p.s. Холодное оружие не делаю! 

  • Clint Eastwood
    04 марта 2023
    Superb folder maker. Inspirer solar system, large, is what he made for me. Shirogorov made a solar system collaboration, I should have bought it but while available I shrugged it off thinking I have the real one already and a few Shiros representing that shop. In my experience this man's work is exceptionally good, he's honest, easy to communicate with by email, surprisingly affordable, one man shop full custom maker. I would be surprised if the cost and employees don't increase soon, if that matters to you. Absolutely as smooth and solid locking as Shiro, Koenig, Skiff, etc. and a lot more show off worthy in my estimation.
  • William
    25 января 2023
    I have many knives in my collection. I am really particular about two aspects of a knife: (1) the blade finish; (2) the blade sharpening. Oleinikov knives are the best I've ever seen in these two areas. His hand-rubbed satin finish is beautiful, and the edge he puts on his blades is absolutely perfect. The edge bevel does not vary in width from heel to tip, and there are no overgrinds. All other aspects of his knives are exemplary, but these two set him apart from other knifemakers.
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