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Стабилизация дерева заказчика. Стабилизация в цвет (подбор по фото). Изготовление гибридов (дерево+смола) с различными комбинациями цветов.

  • Andy W
    11 февраля 2023
    I have turned countless stabilised pen blanks from Dima Stabwood and can honestly say without doubt they are head and shoulders above any other blank on the market . They machine up smoothly with no flaws or inclusions. The grain pattern and colours are consistent throughout. The blanks always polish up to a high gloss and you end up with a unique product easy to sell with no scrap. If you are thinking the blank is higher in cost than others, think again the fact that the stabilisation is so good means I can cut the standard blank in to six sub blanks saving any slices when squaring the blanks to glue up as laminates to give extra blanks usually one laminated blank to 2 main blanks. Finally I would say you get what you pay for and without doubt I would say each blank is a. Work of art on its own. In many cases when producing high end pen sets in excess of £100 GBP it’s the Dima Stabwood blank that has sold it.
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