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About Me

Hi there. I'm DJ Urbanovsky. I'm the owner of American Kami, established in 2004. So what's in a name? What's the story behind "American Kami"? That's simple, really. A Kami is a Nepali knife maker. More specifically, they make Khukuris - these guys make knives from start to finish with the most rudimentary of tools, and end up with highly refined blades. I take that idea of simplicity and apply some modern equipment and techniques to create the best products that I possibly can. I've adopted the "Kami" in American Kami because I have the utmost respect for these gentlemen, because handmade Nepali Khukuris were what first introduced me to the world of custom, handcrafted blades, and because like the Kamis, I build my blades to be used. I've adopted the "American" in American Kami because, well, that's what I am. That's it.

Steel types for Professional Grade blades:  CPM S35VN, S7, 6AL4V Ti.

Finish for Professional Grade blades:  Ionbond DLC coatings.

Handle materials:  G10.

Sheaths:  Kydex.

Heat treat:  Oil hardening steels are all done by me in-house.  Air hardening steels are done by Peters Heat Treating.

I build blades for people who use blades.  My products are in use around the globe under some of the harshest possible conditions.  All of my products are 100% USA made, and always have been. 

Currently my full custom books are closed, and I am not performing any sharpening, repair, or custom work.  Sharpening and repair work is currently limited to knives that I have made.   I do not do “spa” treatments.  If you see it on my website, I can do it.

Boker produces licensed, mass produced versions of some of my designs at a more affordable price point for people who maybe cannot afford a knife that actually came out of my shop.  I have some other projects in the works with other production houses.  More details on those as they are available.

Price range for Professional Grade blades:  $115 -  $2000 per unit depending on model.  Books are open.

Full custom books are currently closed.

  • Jim
    19 апреля 2018
    I recently picked up one of DJ Urbanovsky's NPD (Necker Push Dagger) blades. It is simply intuitive. It is purpose driven. It is well made of high quality materials (S35VN and G-10), and it is both easy to wield and easy to carry. I have owned and carried MANY blades in my lifetime. Very few have remained in the stable for long. This one is not leaving. Check his stuff out. You will not regret it.