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About Me

My name’s Dmitry. I make unusual gifts and souvenirs, some of them are steampunk.

My daughter inspired me to start doing this. Her favorite cartoon is “Fixiki”. At that time I owned a car service. Disabled cars, i.e. ones full with fixiki, were driven to my service… I decided to amuse her – I made a “fixik” and told her a story how I chased him. I made different traps and snares for them. Every new story made the fixiki bigger and bigger. Their image got more details. I was so captivated that could not stop. Things were off and rolling!!! I generally use copper and brass for making things. I especially like making gas lighters.

Step by step my hobby started to take all my time. Now I fully give myself to my labor of love. Every day I have new ideas. I don’t make any sketches. I have everything in my head. I haven’t studied it anywhere. My profession is all different from what I do.       

I generally use copper and brass for my things.

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