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Alexandr Martynyuk (Emfitemzis)

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I make many Yakutian knives (I’ve made about 100 knives so far). I normally take Leonid Yasinetsky blades for my Yakutian knives. Different steels, normally I use М390 and N690Co (Leonid Yasinetsky forging and heat treatment).

For handles I choose premium materials, quality stabilized wood, exotics like Ironwood, Cocobolo, Ebony, mammoth tusk, mammoth teeth, walrus tusk, sometimes signature micarta or G10.

I make sheaths only from Italian vegetable leather (I buy leather directly in Italy).

I also make wallets and belts. 

p.s. I do not make cold arms!

  • Эдуврд Копейкин.
    03 февраля 2017
    Великолепные ножи, в изготовлении Александра. Да и человек хороший!!!