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Markas Kausinis (Marco Knives)

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About Me

Hello, my name is Marco. As far as I remember myself I was always interested in cold weapons. My first swords were whittled of wooden planks balance. My grandfather promoted and took care of me. Later at school, through work lessons I tried to do something of black metal. In    2000 when I came back from the army I started my first steps on producing knives. 

My father, who is Lithuanian folk artist Adam Kausinis, helped me to gain knowledge in the spheres of woodworking and natural shaped plastics. His long working experience became sturdy foundation of my future trade. I was voluntary interested in metalworking and its manufacturing technologies. These days I am active in communicating with Lithuanian smiths (RuslanVasilevskij) also with foreign knives manufacturer. I use only best quality materials and high quality metals in my work. It includes Damascus mosaic steel, Wootz steel, Diamond steel (XB5), instrumental steel (R6M5), a variety of composite alloys, forged stainless steel 95X18. 

Sword, dagger and knife metallic sheen, Wight and charm allow revealing me in this sphere. It is an incredible delight to run out of stock a new work – it’s the passion that accompanies me in my life.

Since 2009 I started creation of unique knife series. Each this knife is marked by a serial number and my distinctive mark. What is more, sometimes I also engrave metal mark so that knife owner would know how to behave with the knife – how to sharpen and take care of it.

Knife production is an activity that I improve since childhood – it’s a hobby that has grown into passion. Into each of my work I put a part of myself; each knife is unique and unrepeatable. A knife is a long lasting tool and an eye pleasing work. 

  • Rafferty
    04 июля 2020
    Received my Marco knife today in Belfast Northern Ireland. I’m absolutely delighted with the workmanship it’s stunning. The Care & attention to detail is perfect. He’s a very talented knife maker and honest too. I know this because I paid him up front through Western Union.