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About Me

Since 2012 I was being trained and had been working with the Russian Blacksmith Alliance vice president for three years, simultaneously working in a big commercial company as a marketer, advertising manager and 2D designer. Accordingly at the beginning I had a chance and gave due consideration to a knife concept developing, its’ form and potential ergonomics in drawing programs.

Presently knives are my main field. I prefer making ready-made knives myself. I forge, heat treat, and do benchwork of blades both – on a grinder, and manually – myself. Direct knife and sheath making as applicable. I work with the following steels: Kh12mf, KhVG, ShKh15, U8, R6m5, 65g, prefer working with Kh12mf, KhVG and U10A. I also sometimes make knives from foreign powdered steels, buying forgings in the Internet. As I make trade (!) knives in the medium price bracket I try to pay maximum attention to their performance and ergonomics. 

p.s. I do not make cold arms!

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