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About Me

Basically I specialize in Yakut type of knives, fire strikers and fusies.

I’ve became fascinated with knives in 2014. I saw YouTube videos on how they make knives from files, spring plates and so on. But the most impressive for me at that time was the process of how to make a knife out of a drill. Thus my fascination with knives and more began. My first knife I made out of a spring plate. When I’ve gathered some minimal amount of tools I created my YouTube channel. Then I uploaded the first video, and to my surprise, the review below this video bas been left by the same bearded guy who forged that knife out of a drill (Alexander, he is the creator of the “Samopal company” channel and the website). Later I made my first film (the production process of a Yakut knife). So I continue to work on various projects up to now.

p.s. I do not make cold arms!

  • Андрей
    03 февраля 2017
    Заказывал набор - огниво с кресалом/ножом. Очень доволен. Видно что сделано с душой и на совесть. Сам подвес из толстой кожи. Почтой пришло за неделю.