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Sergey Makarov (MAKSERVAS)

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About Me

I was born in Teren’ga work settlement of the Ulyanovsk region. I’m a technician-electrician by my specialization, but later I worked in different areas. In the end of 2015 together with my girlfriend I moved to Khimki, the Moscow region. Since the same time I began to study knives in depth by reading, watching all sorts of knife forums, communities etc.. A strong impulse to the beginning of my knife art was a competition among new knife makers inside a well-known group in the "Vkontakte" social network. Now I make blades from ready forgings, which are bought from widely known blacksmiths, doing metal works and shaping them. I’ve never forged myself and haven’t been engaged in heat treatment because all this is impossible to do in an apartment balcony.

p.s. I do not make cold arms!

  • Дмитрий Лютик
    22 марта 2017
    Приобрел нож у Сергея. Остался очень доволен работой!!! Ножи делает качественные! Рекомендую!