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About Me

In 2005 I engaged in jewelry being tired of the business activities. I chose to work with castings as a main specific, mostly according to my own models. In 2011 I made my first set of the author's knife casting; in 2013 I began to collect knives for sale. At the same time I began to experiment with horn, bone and wood carving, currently I think it's the most promising part of my activities. I don’t make my own blades, I do only minor finalization and metal works on purchased ones, my main activity is assembling and decoration of knife handles. Creation of knife compositions I consider to myself as the most creative work, doing this knife activity I can unleash my creative potential best of all.

All my life I was fascinated with fencing, knife fighting and hand to hand combat along with handicraft, also I was engaged in different kinds of martial arts, currently I train at one of the Russian combat sport clubs. I try to make my knives’ handles to be the most comfortable for work and for fight, so a knife lies in the palm of your hand perfectly, as comfortably and organically as possible.

At the 32nd Moscow international exhibition "The Blade" in 2015 I received two diplomas for my knife compositions in the nomination of "Artistic products".

p.s. I do not make cold arms!

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