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About Me

I can offer to knife makers different breeds of wood on a customer’s will. Arizona Desert Ironwood is available at the moment.
I can give blades from the steels of S110V, S125V, REX 121, S90V, Nitrobe77 (out of production) and many others. Some of them may be in stock, others are available by order. It’s possible to perform heat treatment in our country or abroad, again that’s at the discretion of a customer. There are many different sizes, these issues are discussed separately.

Currently available steel.
A blade REX 121 - 4,5 x 30 x 135 x 75 mm (a tail), heat treated, hardness of 66-67 hrc. The price is 4450 rubles
A blade REX 121 - 4.5 x 30 x 125 x 75 mm (a tail), heat treated, the price is 4350 rubles
A blank 4.5 x 32 x 250 mm - 5500 rubles
Delivery is in the prices.
CPM Steel 154рм - 4.5 x 40 x 250 mm, heat treated, of 62-63. The price is 2700 rubles, there are 2 blanks available

All the heat treatment by Denis Frolov

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