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Yuri Shilov

  • Srednyaya Akhtuba Volgograd Oblast, Russia
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About Me

I was born and grew up in Srednyaya Akhtuba, I like being busy with hardware since school time. Later I was trained as a cook and started working in a restaurant, but in some time I realized that it was not my thing, so I started working in a smithy where I finished welds. So my career of a forge man began. At the beginning I did decorative ironwork, which helped me to understand that my calling was making knives, swords, axes – that is what I do now. I really soak myself in it; I’m training, learning and not afraid to reuse unworthy items as basic materials. I mainly make classical knives, axes, meat choppers and sometimes swords. It used to be my hobby. In some time I built up and tooled up my workshop. Now I learn how to make mokume-gane and pins.   

p.s. I do not make cold arms!

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