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Csizmar Szilard (Hellize)

  • Одорхею-Секуеск жудец Харгита, Румыния
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О себе


- thor’s hammer talisman, damascus kiridashi and smaller blades from 60 euro;

- damascus neck knife from 120 euro;

- damascus seax and damascus hunter knives from 160 euro;

- carbon daggers from 200 euro;

- damascus daggers and damascus axe’s from 300 euro;

- carbon steel swords from 400 euro;

- damascus short swords from 700 euro.


I make my own damascus, which I forge by hand, in my small medieval-like shed. For my damascus’s I use all kinds of steels, like 5160, 1.2516, L6, a variety of other spring steels, old files, all kinds saw blades used for cutting steel and wood, steel cables, barbed wire, chainsaw chains, motorcycle chains, bicycle chains, timing chains and a lot more crazy stuff.

Occasionally I also make carbon steel and stainless steel blades (440B)

The heath treat, carvings and every other work is done solely be me, even the leather sheaths, which are always free of charge.

For handles I prefer natural materials, like wood and antler. Most of my knives are fitted with oak, maple, beech, apple, cherry, walnut, deer antler and reindeer antler handle. Sometimes I make copper wrapped and leather wrapped and glued leather disk handles too.    

 If you have an unusual idea, which no one wants to make for you, then most probably I am your man! ;)

  • Grant Williams
    19 марта 2017
    I rescently recieved a hand forged Damascus Bowie from Hellize , the quality of said piece is outstanding his workmanship and communication are second to none , so good infact Iv just ordered another piece this time a gothic dagger... who could resist .
  • Kevin
    29 января 2017
    I live in the USA and I have always liked his work. He is very talented and an honest man to do business with. I have bought hidden tang blades from him and also traded highly figured walnut and maple(that is my business) for his blades. I make knives but I am not a blacksmith so I acquire blades from him. He has a great imagination and has the ability to transform his thoughts into great knives. If you have thought about a knife that you would like to have then make a drawing and send it to him. You will be very happy with the quality of your new knife. :)
  • Hugo Costa
    29 января 2017
    Really nice guy, allways responsive to emails, a pleasure to deal with. His work is beautiful and imaginative. Knives/axes/zombie killing stuff you can allways rely. Best regards, Szilard! Didn't forget you, I will call for a next crazy project!
  • Gerald Furry
    29 января 2017
    I ordered several knives from Csimar many years ago and his work is awesome. I had one friction folder that is Damacus and the other knives viking style. Check his work out when you can.
  • Liviu Iova
    28 января 2017
    I have ordered few blades and knifes from Moose. He is a nice person and a skillfull craftsman. And every blade he made has a story. I strongly recomand him!
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